Using Metallic Substrates

Foil Laminate Substrates & Transfer Metallized Substrates

Laminates are mirror finish substrates commonly used in packaging applications. A plastic film coated with a thin opaque aluminum coating is laminated onto at least one side of a fibrous substrate. The resulting compound product is then either sheeted or sold in reels as required.

Laminates are available in different qualities and weights, ranging from thin wrapping material to very high-quality product for commercial offset job printing and carton making. As with hot foil, the foil films used in laminates are vacuum metallized, offering premium shine and brilliance. Laminates are often referred to as PET board, mirror board, compound or METPOL (short for metallized polyester). Typically, just one side is metallic with the other side being a coated paper or paperboard, however double-sided metallic products are available. Laminates, typically silver, are available in reflective, holographic, “rainbow” effect and custom  patterns and holographic images. Available in brilliant silver, gold, stock diffraction patterns and custom holographic designs.