Using Metallic Substrates

Foil Laminate Substrates & Transfer Metallized Substrates

Laminates are mirror finish substrates commonly used in packaging applications. A plastic film coated with a thin opaque aluminum coating is laminated onto at least one side of a fibrous substrate. The resulting compound product is then either sheeted or sold in reels as required.


Overprinting Metallic Substrates

Because most printing inks are transparent, any pattern or design on the substrate design will show through. You can request an overprinting color chart to preview the opacity levels of different colors and tints on metallized substrate.


Seamless Design

Holographic patterns usually have subtle seam lines where you will see a “band” of slightly different color. This can be avoided by going seamless. The sky's the limit with seamless holography. Enhanced press efficiencies and design possibilities make seamless holography a growing trend in high-end packaging.