About Custom Origination

“Custom origination” is the process of creating one-of-a-kind holographic treatments. Holographic specialists can work with your provided design to integrate holography. The result of this process is a light-diffracting surface that registers to your artwork, imbuing it with striking and impactful dimensionality.

This unique and unified look for package design is not possible with stock patterns. Added to branding potential is the possibility of including anti-counterfeit and security features to packaging. So, instead of using ‘off the shelf’ wallpaper patterns, active collaboration between packaging designers and holograph designers can open a new world of profitable possibilities.

Now that there are simple, quick and accurate ways to proof decorative substrates, we expect a boom in the uptake of all decorative substrates and in particular the previously difficult-to-proof composite substrates. Proofing custom holography: Explain this more simply: There are printers that can pre-print an opaque white and CMYK process on a clear plastic sheet, which can then be overlain on any decorative substrate for proofing purposes. These are placed atop a holographic proof to give a good representation of finished product. Indeed just one such reverse- printed clear plastic sheet can be overlain on a whole range of decorative substrates for a selection proofing purposes. Note that the proofing simulation if reverse printed will simulate a laminated job. In this case the finish of the non-printed side of the plastic sheet can be chosen such as matte or gloss to simulate the effect of a lamination or varnish. Holographic pattern availability- After approval of the artwork process, films are generally available in three weeks for stock patterns, to five weeks for new designs.