ROI: Why It Pays to Shine

With today’s tight profit margins and intense competition, the highly saturated retail environment is a demanding place both for brands and consumers. Shoppers are often overwhelmed by choices and so are drawn to brands that give the appearance of quality at first glance. Therefore packaging is often a brand’s best weapon. It directly affects sales by attracting

consumers’ attention and consideration, influencing perception, and building brand recognition.

Making the Grade

Brand owners must appeal to both distributors and consumers with packaging that sells higher quantities at better margins.

Designers must differentiate brands by staying on top of industry innovations and using available tools guided by excellent brand strategy. They must also be able to articulate well-defined reasons for including special decorative effects.

Printers and converters must appeal to brand-owners and designers by providing innovative, value-based solutions that meet new production challenges, all while improving the customer’s bottom-line.

Outshining the Competition

The term “value-added print” refers to decorative print finishing techniques and/or substrates that are intended to increase the promotional power of a product. For any print project--be it corporate identity, print collateral, product packaging, technical or merchandising materials—well-executed finishing techniques enhance aesthetic appeal and add real promotional value. Decorative finishing is one of the most widely recognized and cost effective ways to successfully promote and strengthen brands.

As part of well-executed brand strategy, metallic effects in particular have proven successful for increasing sales significantly in various market sectors. Metallic effects have also proven their worth in helping to differentiate products at the point of sale, increasing the success of new product launches, helping to build market share, and strengthening brand loyalty. 

A Wise Investment

Adding shine to packaging can increase the cost per box, but when this strategy correlates to significant sales increases, the bottom line is a successful campaign and a worthy investment. Those who forge ahead with strategic and creative new ideas are usually rewarded with the increased sales and profits that result from value-added print.