Holography: Dashing and Protective

When your project demands more than shine alone, holography adds visual dimension and movement along with other brand enhancing properties like shelf appeal, differentiation, anti-counterfeiting and security features. Holography piques curiosity, creates immediate impact and influences buying decisions.

The illusion of depth created by animated spectral points that flicker and change with variations in illumination and viewing angle captivates onlookers

There has been a growing synergy between global packaging trends and technological innovations that have expanded the realm of holography with great momentum. Holographic films have long been popular in the packaging industry for a wide variety of flexible applications. But increasingly lower costs, faster speed-to-market, enhanced aesthetics and improved ecological credentials are opening the doors to many new markets.

Shelf Impact

Incredibly versatile, holography can go from glitzy & glamorous to subtle & sophisticated, with a wider range of evocative possibilities than traditionally thought. Certain high-end markets like fragrances and spirits use holography in unexpected and subtle ways to express elegance and luxury, while mass-market products like toothpaste and chewing gum often use stock diffraction patterns to gain shelf-pop advantage in oversaturated retail environments. The world of holographic design is still in its infancy. With still untapped possibilities and a variety of techniques ranging from illusory transparent casted UV coatings to mirror-like 3-D images in metallic substrates, holography’s connotations really are in the hands of the designer.

Authenticity & Security

Foil products are often used to ensure the authenticity of products and to help thwart product counterfeiting and piracy. Holographic effects are used both in packaging and on-product as a method of ensuring authenticity because they are difficult to duplicate, and can support embedded messaging, some of which can be read only by specialty readers. Holographic foils are used as a security feature in numerous product applications. These include protective seals on products to indicate product tampering and ensure authenticity, as well as holographic and magnetic threads in currency to combat counterfeiting.

Seamless holography

Seamless patterns are a new standard of excellence within the packaging industry. Due to the advanced capabilities of certain manufacturers, the troublesome seam in holographic film can be eliminated to create apparently perfect holographic surfaces. A shim is the join between two pieces of metal on a holographic embossing cylinder that causes a visible seam line within holographic repeat patterns. Recent technology that makes that visible line disappear allows for the following benefits to designers, brand owners and printers/converters:

  • Superior visual quality for brands with consistent color and surface integrity,
  • Positioning freedoms that allow for easy gang-printing of smaller applications like self-adhesive labels, luxury packaging and tobacco cartons,
  • Ability to print holography over very large or irregular area applications, and
  • Greatly increased efficiency improvements including increased press efficiency and significantly reduced substrate waste.